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Tooth jewelry (skyce, Swarovski crystals)


Dental jewels only have an aesthetic function. These tiny, specially designed crystal decorate and brighten up your smile. The tooth jewels Skyce can simply be bonded to the tooth surface without preparation (without drilling). They also do not affect the tooth enamel in any negative way. 

How long the dental jewel stays attached to the tooth depends mostly on the client and their dental hygiene. The jewel doesn’t demand any special care, just the normal dental hygiene we perform every day. If the dental care is proper and the client stays away from hard groceries (such as nuts) the jewel stays on for a long time. 

If you change your mind and you don’t feel like having one around, the dental hygienist can of course remove it anytime you’d like. 

The procedure is very simple and it usually takes about 15 minutes. It is completely painless. 

The cost of this beauty service is 490CZK.  We accept only payment in cash in CZK on the same day that services are provide.
We offer a guarantee of durability of treatment for at least 2 weeks. 

Feel free to make an appointment in our dental office. 

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