Bc. Aneta STRYJOVÁ, DiS. (roz.Bauerová) diplomovaná dentální hygienistka

Horšovská 390/4
150 00, Praha 5 - Řeporyje
tel. recepce pro objednávání DH: +420 774 444 902
tel. osobní: +420 602 151 222

We accept payment in cash in CZK or we accept credit cards. 

We apologize, but we can´t accept foreign health insurance. We accept payment on the same day that dental services are provide.

Price list

Complex treatment of adult 60 min/1500CZK
Complex treatment of children (2-18 years) 30 min/800CZK

Complex treatment of adult 50 min/1595-1334 CZK

Deep scaling + root planing (non-surgical periodontal therapy)  50 min 2117CZK

Complex treatment of children (2-15 years) 30 min/ 870 CZK

Teeth whitening 8916 CZK

Tooth jewelry (Skyce, Swarovski crystals) 551 CZK