Aneta STRYJOVÁ, DiS. (roz.Bauerová) diplomovaná dentální hygienistka

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Air Polishing (Air Flow, Sandblasting, prophy jet)

Air Polishing is a dental hygienist treatment that has been developed to help keep your teeth clean and white. The air polishing technique is simple and painless. It uses air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of natural tasting calcium
or glycine powders through a special nozzle.  The combination of the pressurised jet of air, water and powder works to remove stains, plaque, as well as anything else that may have become trapped between teeth, such as pieces of food. It’s also very effective on stains caused by tobacco, as well as those that some mouthwashes can leave behind. It’s a much more effective way to get your teeth really clean than a traditional polish and will leave you with an evenly smooth surface across your teeth. It is gentle enough to be used on dental implants and by removing the biofilm in periodontal pockets.